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Taina - Butantan

Project type

Avatar 3D - Digital Inlfuencer



It is with great joy that we introduce Tainá, a character from the award-winning Projeto S, responsible for monitoring the Pandemic and helping with the development of ButanVac.

The Butantan Institute counted on us to advance the process of adapting Avatar 3D, Tainá. An important part in the implementation of your Coronavirus Diagnostic Laboratory Platform. Composed of five systems that, if integrated, allow data management and information visualization. This is the newest launch to regulate, within the scope of São Paulo, the flow of samples for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus. And with Tainá's support, users will be able to be guided when registering, checking exam results and clarifying frequently asked questions.
Its development included elements that carry the institution's values, reinforcing its purpose in defending science and showing its importance applied in people's daily lives.

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